Mind and Minds Play and Skills Center

31300 North West Hornecker Rd. Hillsboro OR 97124 |  503-701-0353


Teach toddlers to play and socialize

Motor skills development

If your child is exhibiting trouble with fine or gross motor skills, bring them to our toddler program. We'll provide your child with simple yet engaging activities to help them develop the skills they need.

Develop cognitive skills

We'll work on your child's interaction skills, engaging, symbolic play, receptive and expressive language and emotions / feelings. These skills are imperative to communicating with others.

Learn social skills

Learning to cooperate, take turns, play schemes, pretend play, symbolic play, joint attention and engage are essential social skills. Bring your child to us to pressure-free learning.

Bringing your toddler to our play and social skills program will strengthen their play abilities. Don’t worry, we would never overwhelm your child - we present the material in little steps, so they can accomplish the expected goals.

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Our philosophy




Watch your child excel in learning with our captivating activities.


Our eclectic environment encourages your child to play as a learning mechanism.

We facilitate exploration through playful activities.

Your child can discover new skills and objects through playful exploration.

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