Mind and Minds Play and Skills Center

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Let us teach your child how to ride a bike

Not just a bike riding class

This isn't solely a bike riding class - your child will learn discipline and hard-work through our course.


We'll build up your child's attention span by teaching them something fun.

Learn to socialize

A lack of social skills in a common marker for Autism. Let us teach your child to socialize with other kids like themselves. Your child will learn valuable social skills they can use throughout their lives.

Limited space - sign up

Hurry, space is limited. Call to reserve your child's spot today.


Riding a bike is a monumental step in a child's life - don't let your child miss out on learning to ride a bike. Bring your child to Mind and Minds Play and Skills Center - we'll use a combination of behavioral and playful techniques to teach your child how to ride a bike.

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Our philosophy




Watch your child excel in learning with our captivating activities.


Our eclectic environment encourages your child to play as a learning mechanism.

We facilitate exploration through playful activities.

Your child can discover new skills and objects through playful exploration.

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