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I specialize in behavioral intervention

My teaching experience

My dual Brazilian and American citizenship allowed me to teach in Brazil for 16 years. Before moving to the greater Portland area, I worked in the Los Angeles unified school district’s Special-Education program and the Verdugo Hills Autism project for five years.

Let me help your child

After I moved to Portland, I joined Play Connections as a Therapeutic Interventionist but left to pursue my dream of helping children with a more eclectic approach. I believe the uniqueness of children on the Autism spectrum should be respected. Therefore I provide them with an eclectic environment. This environment includes ABA, play, floor time, social interaction and stories, video modeling, accidental teaching and more. One size doesn’t fit all - using one approach for many hours can hinder your child from generalizing learned skills and can cause frustration and boredom.

Let me earn your trust

My work is based on my belief that children and parents can achieve happiness through instruction and skill development. This will result in a higher level of happiness and interaction for all. Here at Mind and Minds Play and Skills Center, we take our time to reach the light at the end of the tunnel.


Let me earn your trust and deliver the best intervention service available to provide an effective and positive learning experience for your child.

Our philosophy




Watch your child excel in learning with our captivating activities.


Our eclectic environment encourages your child to play as a learning mechanism.

We facilitate exploration through playful activities.

Your child can discover new skills and objects through playful exploration.

"I’ve been working as a teacher and Therapeutic Interventionist with children on the Autism spectrum for 20 years. I have a bachelor’s degree in Organizational Behavior, a master’s degree in Human Behavior and a graduate certificate in Neuro-Developmental Disorders and Autism. I am also a teacher for a Neuro typical kids not only Autism." - Adely Mooso , Owner.

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